Friday, November 18, 2011

another one of those not crocheted things I did

I still make most things with crochet so I've decided that for now I will keep the shop's name as is, but if this kind of thing continues, I'm going to have to seriously think of a change.


I've had so many compliments on my crocheted acorn (like a crocheted rock but an acorn) pendant that I will be working on some of those as well. they would make the perfect gift for your hippie loved one. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

still busy

I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. although I have all the Christmas shopping done and hiding in various places in my home, I am now thinking of all the rest of the things I need to do in the next 4 - 7.5 weeks.

I am making some lovely crocheted snowflake ornaments for a small craft sale coming up in 4 weeks. I've also made some really cute snowflake earrings. I have a pair in the shop, but a few more in blue. I might do a couple with red beads and a couple with green beads, perhaps gold.
still plan on making some more mittens. I have a pair that I need to finish and have two or three more planned.
and I have foolishly taken a few weeks off from the Christmas blanket for my daughter, so I am now painfully behind schedule. however, I have now reached the branches. something I would have been done with had I just kept on track. ugh!
I guess I was feeling a little daunted by all the strands I have to have going at the same time and that just tangles and makes a horrible mess. so I'm taking a deep deep breath and jumping back in

the plan now is to sit down and keep plugging away at it in front of netflix and Doctor Who.
I suppose it would be more appropriate to have Lord of the Rings playing while working on the Tree of Gondor. we'll see.
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