Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've been making the most adorable key rings. 
originally I made them for the fund raiser but they didn't sell at all there.  I was kind of disappointed because they are the cutest darned things you will ever see - with, perhaps, the exception of your own children.

but since the fund raiser I have sold a few of them and continue to make more.  I have a craft sale coming up in September and I am debating attending that one this year.  I have been there the last three years, but this year I will be 8 months pregnant and I have yet to decide if I am going to want to be stationed for 6 + hours in the sun getting burned and thirsty hoping that my crafts sell.
maybe being so pregnant people will take pity on me and buy anyway?  but either way if I do go I need to build my inventory again.  but if I don't go, everything will make it's way to my etsy or to another craft sale after my baby is big enough to not need to eat every few hours.

if you are thinking you may have seen turtles similar to these, you might just have.  I adapted them from Wibit's adorable turtles (found at RomanSock)  You can get her pattern at her site.   I don't sell my adaptations of her turtle pattern out of respect for that amazing designer.

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