Friday, March 25, 2011

warmer weather is on it's way

and that makes it a little challenging to work on heavy projects. so I have decided that it is time for me to begin designing some new necklaces.
I have done a little work recently on some wire and bead jewelry and I love them, but I have found myself being pulled between two loves. I think that over time, as I introduce myself to more new crafts, such as metal smithing and lampworking, I will be torn yet again.
but I feel that I should not abandon crochet, but not my other passions either.

lace it beautiful. I must, and I mean must, learn more and practice more and design more of it.

so that is my goal for the next couple of months. when I am not working on my daughter's Christmas blanket, I will be working on lace for my store and myself.
lace for necks
lace for hair
lace for wrists
lace for general beautifulness :)

I hope that this is a good idea.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harry Potter ~ a source of inspiration

I love the world of Harry Potter and the movies just make it more rich for me. I find myself coveting much of the wardrobe of the young ladies of Hogwarts and I am not alone.
one woman (known only to me as pinkleo) was inspired to copy the totally gorgeous scarf worn by Luna Lovegood in the Order of the Phoenix.

screen shot grabbed from craftster thread and you can find the pattern for free click on this link to the craftster thread.

this is my second scarf following her pattern. it's divine.

I used Red Heart sock yarn and I have not blocked it yet. I'm not sure how it will work if I do..... but it hangs very nicely as it is.

at any rate, this is my favorite bit here. Such beautiful purples and greens
perfect for a Spring accessory.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

N is for


currently working on a large Tunisian crochet project, my hands need something else to do for a while.
Spring being close at hand has made me anxious for fresh air and bird noises and warm weather.
there you go... a lovely little nest to represent Spring and hope

Monday, March 7, 2011

worked this up last Thursday

still making room for the next HUGE project, I have - or I should say 'had' - quite a lot of cotton yarn. I have made a good many wash clothes, not at all like my grandma used to make, and they are quite wonderful... but I really didn't want to make 100 more clothes so I dug around in my patterns searching for ideas, et voila, shopping bag.

I deviated from the pattern here and there.... you can find the pattern and download it for free from
it is the alfresco market bag. super easy pattern.

love it!
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