Tuesday, October 25, 2011

stitch guide

usually I don't do a lot of reading patterns, I usually write my own, but I have come across a few that I simply could not resist.

however, I have run into a couple of stitches that I had not heard of before and a couple more that simply needed refreshing in my mind. so I frantically search around searching for a description of the stitch.

mypicot.com has a terrific stitch guide. so I don't forget where to look the next time I come across this issue and for all of you out there, I am listing the link here.

one of the most complete stitch guides I have come across

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my new line

totally not a new idea, but they are so cute

I've been making mittens. tiny mittens. for your Christmas tree or really for anything you would like to hang something cute from.
I thought the other day that they would be just down right adorable on a rear view mirror. yep, kind of illegal since I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to obstruct your view but they are small and people hang all kinds of things from their car mirrors.
but hey, they're not as honkin' as fuzzy dice.

you could fill them with a bit of potpourri and then your tree or car would smell really nice.

check them out in my shop.

I have a couple more pairs in the works, and if they don't sell, they will just go on my tree or in my car.


Friday, October 14, 2011

astonishment! and I was just giving them away!

last year I talked about needing to find a solution to a packaging problem that I had. inspiration struck and I have be so grateful for it. these beautiful little origami greeting card boxes solved the shipping problem.
for the last few days I've been cutting and folding more boxes because I've been running a bit low. out of curiosity I checked to see if anyone on etsy was selling them - just the box- because the thought has crossed my mind to sell them myself. I found a very small handful of shops with listings for these wonderful little keepsake boxes and my jaw hit the floor. one shop wants $3. for each box and the other wants $5.
and here I've just been packing earrings and necklaces in them with no extra charge for the box.

HOLY COW! I'm still a bit stunned $3.00 - $5.00
maybe I'm going to have to start making them to just sell them empty. but no way am I charging that much for a single box that's usually just under 2 inches square and a 1/2 inch deep

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

and it is complete

well, at least for now. I may just put a couple of mother of pearl buttons and loops on it.

okay, knowing my daughter, who I made this for, I really should put buttons on it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

just plain beautiful

recently I have used crocodile stitch to make a scarf, before that I made a pair of fingerless gloves with an accent row of scales at the top. they were really fun and they sold pretty quickly at last month's craft sale. it's a fun effect and it's becoming really popular in the crochet world.

last week I was looking around on craftster.org and there was a new post that caught my eye.

I decided to make one for my youngest daughter who is having a birthday soon.
see how there are so many frizzy ends that need tucking away (up in the corner of the picture)...
now I understand why the lady who made the first wanted $35 in her etsy.

however, this project is becoming a labor of love. love for my daughter and love for the beautiful Koi fish scales.

along with all the other projects I am making or thinking of making, I am making another leaf scarf. this time I am using acrylic yarn that has been longing for a useful project to make it's existence worth while instead of having bits cut from it to tie toys together. I shamelessly stole it from my kids who got it from the school art room when they were clearing out the supply closets.
it looks much happier to be growing into a scarf. I am considering a boarder of single crochet around the entire piece. I'm not sure if I want to use brown or plum. I guess I'll make that final decision when I'm finished with the green.
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