Saturday, October 1, 2011

just plain beautiful

recently I have used crocodile stitch to make a scarf, before that I made a pair of fingerless gloves with an accent row of scales at the top. they were really fun and they sold pretty quickly at last month's craft sale. it's a fun effect and it's becoming really popular in the crochet world.

last week I was looking around on and there was a new post that caught my eye.

I decided to make one for my youngest daughter who is having a birthday soon.
see how there are so many frizzy ends that need tucking away (up in the corner of the picture)...
now I understand why the lady who made the first wanted $35 in her etsy.

however, this project is becoming a labor of love. love for my daughter and love for the beautiful Koi fish scales.

along with all the other projects I am making or thinking of making, I am making another leaf scarf. this time I am using acrylic yarn that has been longing for a useful project to make it's existence worth while instead of having bits cut from it to tie toys together. I shamelessly stole it from my kids who got it from the school art room when they were clearing out the supply closets.
it looks much happier to be growing into a scarf. I am considering a boarder of single crochet around the entire piece. I'm not sure if I want to use brown or plum. I guess I'll make that final decision when I'm finished with the green.

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