Tuesday, September 20, 2011

progress is very slow,

but it is a tree after all.

and not just any tree, but The White Tree. and as we all know that sucker is really old. and generally the longer a tree takes to grow the stronger it is.

the reason it is taking me so long is mainly because of the hot weather. I know that does not compute! trees and plants in general thrive in the heat, but not this one. I could barely hold thread in my hand during our hottest weather and so yarn was just not possible and to be covered in a ever growing, thick blanket was right out!

but you can see there has been some progress made. I have calculated that if I do at least 3 rows a day I can have it finished in approximately 2 months. that was a nice thought 3 months ago, but the remarkably slow progress of this has me worried that I might not have it ready for Christmas. I guess that's incentive. I really don't want to ruin my daughter's Christmas by not having this beauty wrapped and waiting under the christmas tree.
YIKES! time is flying

if you're wondering about the elvish, I had to make up the pattern and have decided to make it available in my etsy.

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