Monday, November 29, 2010

Frosty Christmas Necklace

the other day my daughter said that she would like to have a necklace. I asked if she wanted a bead necklace or a lace necklace. she wanted lace but the colors should be red and green for Christmas time.

I just had to have a shot this morning and it was a bit dimly light so I'll get better shots of it when she gets home from school...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

changed my mind

I had mentioned that I would not be putting the words "Police Box" at the top of the TARDIS, but I have since changed my mind. I'm simply going to crochet it on later. I still have one line up the left side to do, but I had to have a break from it this morning... I'll finish that line later this evening. I will also be continuing with the top. I have to put the light on the roof -about 6 inches to go!!!! I'm getting pretty excited about it.

all in all I am very happy with how it is turning out. It is really cozy warm and a high risk of falling asleep while working on it :)

now I am trying to decide which child is next in line for a blanket for Christmas and what is it going to be.

Monday, November 15, 2010

another Christmas present

I occasionally post on, in their crochet category - I'm known as oldlady.

there was a woman who created a pattern for a toy that I couldn't resist for a Christmas present this year. the link here is to her blog and pattern.

though we haven't seen the movie yet (we are poor and wait for DVD so we aren't paying $trillion to see a movie in the theater with our family of 7) the commercials for Despicable Me have always been popular with the little kids here.

So I have no idea why the eyes ended up different sizes. I used the same size hook and tension - or so I thought- and it just looks plain silly, especially compared to the original, but I think it will be a much loved minion.

Friday, November 12, 2010

pattern for Doctor Who fans

I polished up my graph I made for my son's Christmas present. I know for a fact that I am not the only crafty geek in the world...

I hope this is a hit.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

not made with yarn

a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I have been making some earrings along with some other things. I started making them back in July (maybe) - just a couple here and there - but have lacked the courage to show them with reckless abandon

I have finally photographed them.
and I'm still scared that they are kind of lame in terms of .... well under any terms.

but because I said I would show them...

same pair

same pair

same pair

a sale going on

all the necklaces I have listed in the store are 20% off until Dec. 7th
if you need a different size than what is listed, I can make you a custom sized necklace and I will still honor the sale price on all custom orders until Dec. 7th.
that way if you are buying it as a present for someone you love and want to give it to them for Christmas, I should have time to make the necklace, block it and have it shipped in time for the holiday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

what I've been up to

gloves and more gloves
and I've made some mittens for my youngest daughter.
I've also been making a few earrings. I still have to set them up to photograph them.

but I have also been plugging away at some Christmas presents
I have about a 5th of the TARDIS blanket left before Christmas.
I have decided that I will not be adding the "Police Box" at the top and I still am debating how I want to do the call box door.
but it will be obvious what it is to anyone who knows what Doctor Who is. in a small way it will be elitist. :)

edit: if you have seen the more recent posts about the blanket you will know that I did put the word Police Box on the top.
I'm glad I didn't just give up. it was a real struggle there at the end. I mainly just wanted to be sure it was done for Christmas... so I plugged away almost frantically and did it properly.
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