Sunday, November 7, 2010

what I've been up to

gloves and more gloves
and I've made some mittens for my youngest daughter.
I've also been making a few earrings. I still have to set them up to photograph them.

but I have also been plugging away at some Christmas presents
I have about a 5th of the TARDIS blanket left before Christmas.
I have decided that I will not be adding the "Police Box" at the top and I still am debating how I want to do the call box door.
but it will be obvious what it is to anyone who knows what Doctor Who is. in a small way it will be elitist. :)

edit: if you have seen the more recent posts about the blanket you will know that I did put the word Police Box on the top.
I'm glad I didn't just give up. it was a real struggle there at the end. I mainly just wanted to be sure it was done for Christmas... so I plugged away almost frantically and did it properly.

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