Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm chuffed

I had this vision of a lovely, delicate necklace. I began to crochet the flowers and hoped that it would be what I had envisioned but as I finished dying the flowers and setting them together the vision changed and I think for the better.

it ended up being a beautiful and delicate necklace and I was quite proud of it... then I put it on my daughter's slender neck and I was just stunned by how wonderful it turned out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

low humidity = happy hooker


finally I feel like I can break out my hooks again and get to hooking once more.

three days ago the humidity was in the high 80s. it was so miserable, drowning would have been a happier experience.

but the wind blew and the humidity floated away and I was happy again and eager to get something made...

I go through my technique phases. I sometimes love Tunisian crochet so much and then other days I just want to get back to the basics. but I saw a ear warmer/head band the other day. it was knitted and I love it, but I am so terrible when it comes to knitting so Tunisian has been my favority favoritest. I get to fake knit and the result is not exact, and maybe not quite as springy, but it looks good and it makes me happy.

way back a couple of years ago I made a beanie that I was really happy about (still am) but nobody else felt the same about it. I had it at a couple of craft sales and I had it listed in my shop and no one wanted to give it a loving home.
at one of the craft sales there was a girl who tried it on and really loved it, but she wanted a longer hat, not a beanie.
so since nobody loved it the way that I do, I decided to introduce the beanie to some more yarn.

I turned it into a cloche. now I really really like it and have listed at crocheteveryday.
but this is probably what is going to happen... someone will buy it and I will have a moment of sadness in which I will have to make a run to Hobby Lobby and buy more yarn to make one for myself and one for each of my daughters.

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