Friday, December 31, 2010

one more to add to the fingerless gloves list

I have been working on this pair much longer than I care to admit. I really wanted to have the illusion of knit without being tunisian or being a really stiff back post stitch.
I finally stumbled across a stitch that met my requirements... knit like and soft. the 'knit' is horizontal and not vertical, but that's cool.
the real treat came when I turned it around and looked at the reverse side of the stitch. it is great! I totally love it and I'm sure I'll be doing more like this.
but the real shiny part of all of this is that it is the most dead simple stitch ever. it's basically a hdc but I would call it a half double double back loop. that's a totally made up name for it since no one can agree on a real name for it and I've run across some argument as to what the technique truly is. but for me it's a back loop not a post and not a camel stitch. so I am going to call it a Double Back Loop Half Double Crochet... so there.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas present completed

completed, wrapped, unwrapped, loved!

merry christmas

made some small modifications to my pattern. I really love the way it turned out. In the near future I may put a small lock and handle on it. and I might possibly embroider the words "public call"
but for now we're happy with the end result.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas scarf/ the perfect red scarf

I'm thinking that I should make a few more of these... in different colors and perhaps a slight variation of the pattern I made for this scarf.
they don't take long, but I do have to run to the store and buy more yarn if this one sells quickly.
I am working on an idea on how to make the cables in a different color than the rest of the scarf. this would make some very obvious dots on the back of the scarf ~ unless I use a color that will blend nicely with the cable.
hmmm. if i get it to work out acceptably then there will be a written pattern in the future.
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