Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my fiber foe

curse you, humidity!  you have foiled my plans again and again!

I have been making some plans for my annual craft sale in my husband's home town.  I've been somewhat on the fence about even attending this year because I am going to be 8 months pregnant at the time and I'm not really sure if I want to be out in the sun all day long with the possibility of hot weather and customers that really don't want to buy anything.  I'll be enormous and hormonal and people not wanting to buy will just hurt my feelings.... not to mention I'll be enormous

but on the chance that I do decide to go through with it I need to beef up the inventory a bit.  not a whole lot, but some.  I want a few new things for the town because it does me no good to take the same things every year.  people get bored of seeing the same old thing, not to mention I get bored of making the same old thing.

but the hot weather and humidity is again high (just like it is every summer) but in order for me to have anything  made I need dry hands and cool weather to I don't melt away and never crochet again.

I thought this year I would try some more lacy items.  spiderwebs for halloween and snowflakes for winter decorations or Christmas trees.

this woman is a wonderful person.  she has many many many snowflake designs that she shares for free and allows the sales of the finished product.  this link goes to her blog, Snowcatcher
just the thing to get my lacy juices flowing.  I can work a bit on them while the humidity and temperatures are a bit lower in the morning.  I wish it were completely gone so I could focus on making more than one snowflake in a 24 hr period of time...
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