Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've been promising pictures and you've been thinking "yeah, right" but today I have some pictures!  I know, right?!

so earlier (a long time ago) I mentioned my sister is working to set up a fund raiser for an Autism advocacy group that she has found in her search to find adequate housing for her son.
I have made some new pieces that I have high hopes for.  they are small pieces that I am adding to my already decent craft sale inventory that I will be taking to the sale. 
 I've seen these adorable cacti pin cushions here and there and I don't have a pattern for them, I just wing it.
totally cute!  I have my hopes set pretty high for these to sell FAST.   I think I'll be a bit heartbroken if they don't sell at all.
fingers crossed
 I am working on a second Minion and I'm sure I will be making another for a friend really soon for her boy.  they are really fun and funny.  mine never come out as wonderful as the creator of the pattern I use, oh well.... but if you are interested you can get the pattern for free by following this link.

I've made these owls before having had the pattern/technique from wibit at RomanSock
she has wonderful patterns that she has offered for free.  I learned my amigurumi from her.  I'm a huge fan.

I also have made some new Frisbees.  I have a free pattern here on my blog if you are interested.  they are a quick and simple way to get rid of spare yarn.

also, new listing in the shop for a baby hat.  check it out.  I love it, I'm sure you will too. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

goodness has it been so long?!

I have been gone on the blog front for quite a while. I have had a few things going on that have kept me from writing much lately. first I'm expecting and it has come with some slow and nervous mornings. ugh. scared to eat.
second I've been working on a blanket commissioned by a friend. it's coming along, but I'm still nervous that she will end up hating it. isn't that always the way it goes. (Mrs. you know who you are, I really hope you will love it)

but I have also been working on bits and pieces (I will have pictures soon) for a fund raiser that my sister is holding next month. She is setting up a garage/bake/craft sale to raise money for the organization called End of the Spectrum: Residential Options for Autism. I am donating some of my crafted items, toys and hats, etc. for the cause.
for more information on End of the Spectrum go to

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