Sunday, April 8, 2012

goodness has it been so long?!

I have been gone on the blog front for quite a while. I have had a few things going on that have kept me from writing much lately. first I'm expecting and it has come with some slow and nervous mornings. ugh. scared to eat.
second I've been working on a blanket commissioned by a friend. it's coming along, but I'm still nervous that she will end up hating it. isn't that always the way it goes. (Mrs. you know who you are, I really hope you will love it)

but I have also been working on bits and pieces (I will have pictures soon) for a fund raiser that my sister is holding next month. She is setting up a garage/bake/craft sale to raise money for the organization called End of the Spectrum: Residential Options for Autism. I am donating some of my crafted items, toys and hats, etc. for the cause.
for more information on End of the Spectrum go to

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