Thursday, July 17, 2014

refill in the shop

the last few months have been very unproductive.  ugh

I have a toddler who really doesn't like it if I pay attention to my crochet.  other things I can get away with for a little while, but crochet... "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" he says with his body language and climbing on me and yelling if I'm focusing on yarn

with that all going on I haven't had a moment to write patterns.  I haven't had time to work on any project for more than a few minutes at a time.
I just recently started a shawl from a pattern I found on Ravelry.  it really should be easy enough - the starting rows have a graph to help you make sure you're doing it right.  I've had to pull it out and start over 4 times.  I've had to pull out up to 2 rows and fix stupid mistakes.  I am now on row 10.  again. finally.

well... anyway...
I have restocked my shop with Autumn hats.  I have relisted my Frankenstein's Monster earflap hat pattern.
I guess with all the cool weather we are having here in MN it has me feeling like autumn already.  besides, now's the time to get my autumn listings out there.
but I do have some summer time items still.

Oh, and for the next two weeks the Police Box graph is on sale. $4 instead of 5.  that's 20% off
if you have a plan to make one for someone's Christmas present, now would be the time to get started

Friday, October 11, 2013

honestly this summer was busy...

in fact I was making this beast.

I was reading over at Attic24 all about an enormous bunting she was planning to make and I kind of thought I might make some and send them to her. I wasn't happy at all with mine, they just didn't seem beautiful enough to send to England.
and though I don't have a picture of the (mostly) finished blanket you will get the idea of what it looks like here.  I decided that even though this is as ugly as a bear I kind of like it.  each triangle is kind of fun to look at and there are a couple that are favorites.  there is even one here that we call the Hobbit triangle.  can you tell which one it is?

from there I went on to make this adorable hat, twice

and these adorable mug cozies (more than just these two) for a fund raiser

and double sided pot holders
this one is my favorite.  the others weren't my favorite so I'm not showing them

and eventually this hat

 and this hat
and one for the baby 

 followed by two patterns for this hat (baby/toddler size and big kids)

and speaking of the baby, he needs my undivided attention

Sunday, June 16, 2013

it's all getting away from me

have you ever seen the movie "City of Ember"?

the old grandma has yarn tangled all over the house.

though my house doesn't look quite like this, I feel as if I'm being tangled in it.  It is fairly difficult to keep up with crawling, walk along furniture baby and my crocheting at the same time.  I've taken to tiny projects that keep him from getting tangled up in the yarn while I'm working, but even these itty bitty projects are taking about 5 times longer than they normally would.  
No complaints, mind you, but it hasn't been very good for the shop's inventory. 
That's okay for the most part, patterns are still my most popular listings off the holiday season.

But I did manage to squeak one by into the shop.
I'm really keen on it myself and I guess if it doesn't sell in a certain amount of time, my little man will have an adorable new hat. 

so anyway... since I have to condense my yarn stash I am going to make a few more tiny projects.  first one being some leggings for my little man.  this summer has been so strange, cold in the morning and at night, but warming nicely by 5pm.  so baby needs them.
I started one last night and have to rip it all out since I underestimated his chunky thighs.

if they ever get done I will be posting pictures 

Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm just peeking in

after a very long hiatus.

I thought it would be easier to work on patterns and projects after the beginning of the year.  the little guy still isn't willing to let my attention go anywhere else for very long.

for example.  I started to make a pair of mittens for myself before winter started.  the other day I got to pick them up again.

I still have to make a cuff on them.  and I'm still trying to decide if I want to try to make a pattern yet.

maybe sometime.  but I'll have to make another pair of mittens to take step by step photos

but it should be pretty simple since they are a really simple pair of mittens.

maybe I'll make a child's pair and then write instructions for children's to adult sizes.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I know I promised

and it looks like I am breaking that promise.  :(

I had every intention to work on patterns at the start of the year, but the little man is not yet ready to allow me the time required for me to put any new patterns together.  In fact I haven't even picked up a hook in about 2 months.

I have searched a couple of patterns to make for my kids and they are down right adorable, but I simply haven't got the time to even start on them.  I've really only had time enough to check the shop for pattern sales and haven't updated any of my physical items.

I hope I still have my hooky skills by the time my baby is through with me

Monday, December 31, 2012

HOLY COW! Has it really been that long?

I am stunned!  I can't believe that I haven't been over here since August!
time flies when you're having a baby


this new year is going bring with it the desire to finally write down a couple of new patterns.

I'm thinking it's time to write out my mitten pattern.  I've been making mittens and more mittens for my kids that I'm getting more confident about writing it out.  it's really easy so beginners can make simple mittens and I think it will be a $3 pattern.

I am also thinking about writing out a pattern for a scarf that I have made a few times and have had requests for a written pattern a few times.  not quite sure if I want to free pattern this one yet.  we'll see how difficult it is to write out the pattern and then I'll decide if it should be for sale

Happy New Year

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

these ARE the droids you're looking for

my boys love the hats that I made for them two Winter's ago (find the link to a graph through this post).  I also have run across a nerd here and there who love these hats and I have now made two hats (and need more blue) and think I might make a couple more.
I've been working off a graph but I not exactly.  I've had to make several adjustments to the way they would be made if they had been knitted vs. crocheted (as I have done.)

perhaps I'll write out the method/pattern so it can be more precise and easy for others to make their own.
(it depends on how much energy I have left after the sale and my pregnancy)

but they're coming with me to the craft sale in 2.5 weeks.
I hope they sell quickly.  that would be a real joy for me

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