Friday, October 11, 2013

honestly this summer was busy...

in fact I was making this beast.

I was reading over at Attic24 all about an enormous bunting she was planning to make and I kind of thought I might make some and send them to her. I wasn't happy at all with mine, they just didn't seem beautiful enough to send to England.
and though I don't have a picture of the (mostly) finished blanket you will get the idea of what it looks like here.  I decided that even though this is as ugly as a bear I kind of like it.  each triangle is kind of fun to look at and there are a couple that are favorites.  there is even one here that we call the Hobbit triangle.  can you tell which one it is?

from there I went on to make this adorable hat, twice

and these adorable mug cozies (more than just these two) for a fund raiser

and double sided pot holders
this one is my favorite.  the others weren't my favorite so I'm not showing them

and eventually this hat

 and this hat
and one for the baby 

 followed by two patterns for this hat (baby/toddler size and big kids)

and speaking of the baby, he needs my undivided attention

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