Sunday, June 16, 2013

it's all getting away from me

have you ever seen the movie "City of Ember"?

the old grandma has yarn tangled all over the house.

though my house doesn't look quite like this, I feel as if I'm being tangled in it.  It is fairly difficult to keep up with crawling, walk along furniture baby and my crocheting at the same time.  I've taken to tiny projects that keep him from getting tangled up in the yarn while I'm working, but even these itty bitty projects are taking about 5 times longer than they normally would.  
No complaints, mind you, but it hasn't been very good for the shop's inventory. 
That's okay for the most part, patterns are still my most popular listings off the holiday season.

But I did manage to squeak one by into the shop.
I'm really keen on it myself and I guess if it doesn't sell in a certain amount of time, my little man will have an adorable new hat. 

so anyway... since I have to condense my yarn stash I am going to make a few more tiny projects.  first one being some leggings for my little man.  this summer has been so strange, cold in the morning and at night, but warming nicely by 5pm.  so baby needs them.
I started one last night and have to rip it all out since I underestimated his chunky thighs.

if they ever get done I will be posting pictures 

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