Sunday, September 11, 2011

That craft sale I've been talking about

it's over

I was just dead tired after it all. it's amazing how it wears you out just chatting with customers and potential customers and keeping track of one table of inventory.

I took a quick moment to have my youngest daughter model this last minute addition to my sale.

and we finished setting up our tables. that's my daughter setting up next to my table. we shared a space. she sold her jewelry that she has been making and I, obviously, sold my crochet. I sold some things that I didn't think would go over in this little town and other things I thought would be scooped up remain in my inventory. She didn't have as many sales as I thought she would have. she sold a few rings, one of which was customized and finished right there. I was really surprised and disappointed that her tiered necklaces didn't sell. :( but it was a learning experience for her.

we were both sunburned. somehow I got it worse and on my face even though the sun was behind us. we guess it was because the sun most likely bounced off the shop windows across the street.

I have yet to unpack the van. I was just way too tired at the end of the day.

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