Friday, October 14, 2011

astonishment! and I was just giving them away!

last year I talked about needing to find a solution to a packaging problem that I had. inspiration struck and I have be so grateful for it. these beautiful little origami greeting card boxes solved the shipping problem.
for the last few days I've been cutting and folding more boxes because I've been running a bit low. out of curiosity I checked to see if anyone on etsy was selling them - just the box- because the thought has crossed my mind to sell them myself. I found a very small handful of shops with listings for these wonderful little keepsake boxes and my jaw hit the floor. one shop wants $3. for each box and the other wants $5.
and here I've just been packing earrings and necklaces in them with no extra charge for the box.

HOLY COW! I'm still a bit stunned $3.00 - $5.00
maybe I'm going to have to start making them to just sell them empty. but no way am I charging that much for a single box that's usually just under 2 inches square and a 1/2 inch deep

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