Wednesday, September 8, 2010

problem solved

thank God for his little inspirations.

Long story as short as I can make it......

I had a small problem and it was down right frustrating. I have these necklaces with glass beads that I have made and was terrified that by sending them in the mail they would get crushed and ruin the piece and also creating some very upset costumers.

I have the mailing option on my store to ship for $3.00. this only works if I can fit the merchandise in manila or bubble wrap insert envelope. to be sure that the necklace or bracelet or (eventually earrings) don't get smashed in the envelope I have just chosen to bite the difference in mailing cost and send it in a box which costs much more.
so I looked and looked around in hobby stores and packaging stores and so on, with no luck what so ever, to find a little box only a couple of inches big that would fit inside the envelope and then mail for less money.

Inspiration! ahhhhhhh *sing like an angel*

Years ago, and I'm talking MANY years ago when I was a teenager, I learned how to make christmas card jewelry boxes. I haven't thought of them in something like 18 years so I have to say "thanks, God, for pulling that memory out of the dusty corner of my brain that you found it in"

They are perfect. they are sturdy little things and I feel confident that they will be the absolutely perfect solution to my previous problem. Yay!

this apple one is my favorite one so far.

I've been folding away for the last couple of days and I have made quite a few.
it's a good thing that I have hung on to all the greeting cards and christmas card stock I've had from the days I worked in a paper company

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