Monday, September 20, 2010

a few more things to add to the portfolio

a while back I created a necklace with pale blue beads and I really liked it, but when I found these butter cream colored beads, well that was it. I had to and I mean had to recreate the design with the cream beads. Oh what a wonderful outcome. I love it. it is by far my favorite. it looks so Victorian and yet not. I do hope someone else will fall in love with it and subsequently have to have it

another variation which is totally wonderful. :)
this one is really really long. I will have to measure it again, but it is long. I did that on purpose. chokers are loverly, but variety in your neck ware is nice too... I am thinking that I might do something like this one again.
What do you think?
this set of earrings isn't crocheted, but they are darned cute. I started making earrings after a friend of mine ordered a necklace from me and wondered if I made matching earrings. well, no I hadn't but I thought I'd better try
the weather is finally back to cool and is great for getting one in the mood to make toasty goodies. So this week I've made apple pie and lovely hand warmers. the apple pie was delicious but not for sale.

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