Saturday, July 10, 2010

a few more tiny projects

I haven't worn much by way of jewelry for a while. maybe I've let myself go in more than one way... but that's neither here nor there...
while this summer is hot and uncomfortable I have decided to work on small crochet items so I can continue to be doing something without making myself more uncomfortable.

goth choker/ankle bracelet $8.00

choker/ankle bracelet (for the large) $6.00

I have decided that my particular tastes and designs should be categorized as 'shabby chic' but I will be ridiculous and call it 'abby chic' - ha ha

icy blue necklace sold

but that's not really far from the truth being that I've never been overly fancy. I'm more simplistic in my taste in clothes and jewelry

bracelet sold

sugared plum necklace sold

I have to measure these again so I can list that information as well...
I'll do that soon.


  1. soooo...i really want that sugared plum necklace and bracelet. are they erica's (or yours)? do you need to make another? is there any way i can talk you into making earrings to match? let me know and i can pay you next time i see you.

  2. they are mine. Erica is just my lovely assistant.

    I haven't done earrings yet. I need to buy hooks and give it a bit of practice but I have wanted to do earring for a while.


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