Sunday, February 27, 2011

taking a break or maybe i'm just done

I stopped working on it for length about a week ago. since then I've been working in the ends - sort of. Instead of sewing them back through the blanket I used the loose yarn ends to single crochet down the sides. it isn't perfect, but that was kind of the point. it is 'The Ugly' after all.

the last 8 rows on this end kind of defeated the point of being an ugly afghan. but then I wasn't really trying for the most hideous thing I've ever seen (just ugly)... if that were the case I wouldn't want to wrap up in the thing.

but it is warm and comfy and everyone on the couch can share it without any fighting.

the measurements so far...
5.5 x 7.5
the husband thinks I should go for a while longer and make it 10 x 7.5
He's a funny guy

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