Wednesday, April 20, 2011

touching base

so it's been a couple of weeks since I updated here... I have had a ridiculous couple of weeks. sick kids, pinched nerve in my back, me getting sick.
I have pretty much placed my lace projects on the back burner. I haven't worked on the Gondor blanket for a couple of weeks so I picked that back up today.
however I have been doing some things here and there over the last few weeks of neglecting my other more 'important' projects.
I still feel like I am being taken over by all the yarn I have in stores around the house. I decided that another ugly blanket is in order. Ugly is key to stash busting. if you care about the colors being put together too much then you end up buying more yarn and that totally defeats the stash bust in the first place.

this time it is not Zig Zag ugly. No. it is Granny Square ugly. there are so very many square designs out there. there are so many color combinations that can be done. so this new blanket may take a very long time and it will not be 7x6' but it is more like a sampler of squares all fitted together.
I made a whole bunch of squares in different sizes. once I had about 30 in a variety of sizes and colors I began piecing them together. many of the pieces have not found their place on the blanket yet, but eventually they will and I will be glad to be 'rid' of all that excess.

I will post pictures soon, I promise

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