Tuesday, February 16, 2010

warm hands

I made these for me and my youngest daughter.

Every time I look at her mittens I think of Fruit Loops, I'm not really sure why.
I've used the same technique to make custom fit mittens for my littlest kids. Now that I'm happy with how it works, I just need to put it down on paper in a way that makes sense to other people and then I'll sell the pattern on my shop site.

My fingerless gloves are wonderful. I made them just for fun and got started making mittens for my youngest two. I haven't ever gotten back around to making mittens for myself. I think that I will probably make some flip top mittens for me.

they stand up pretty well to cold. we had a terrible cold snap about a month ago and we were stuck outside in -30 and these were the only hand coverings that I had with me. my thumbs and fingers were really suffering but the rest of my hands were in pretty good shape. now with Summer coming up I guess that would be a good time to make some mittens for myself :)

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