Tuesday, June 7, 2011

aweful weather means no making anything

we are experiencing record heat after a record spring of cold weather. it seems the very moment the kids finished their last day of school this year, the Summer weather hit with a vengeance.

Yesterday it was supposed to be 94 degrees and instead it went to 101 (although the local record is recorded at 99)
the weather forecast has been changed 5 times in the last two days. we were supposed to have thunderstorms but that didn't happen. we were supposed to have them today as well, but the forecast for today is now changed from 96 with occasional thunderstorms to 100 humid and hazy.
I'm alright to not have thunderstorms when it gets this hot because that just means Tornadoes are favorable. I am terrified of tornadoes

so blah blah blah weather... but this all means that while it is this sticky and gross I am stuck not getting to make anything.
I was working on finishing up a baby sneaker yesterday and I couldn't even finish 3 minutes. it is just tiny, did not cover my whole body and just having the yarn around my fingers was making me horribly uncomfortable.

I really hope this weather calms down a lot, soon, or I'm going to go really stir crazy

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