Sunday, June 26, 2011

it's been a while, again.

another week has gone by and I have not blogged. typical of me, i guess. I've just had a frustrated couple of weeks and then I got really busy again.

I made another cabled bottle sleeve, I have yet to photograph, and I like it a lot. it's nice.

then I was looking at my crochet thread and feeling like a jerk for not working on lace like I told my self I was going to do. so I made some lace. then I bought some dye. and then I played with the dye and the lace together.

it was fun so I did it again

I have another piece on the blocking pins right now. it's a butterfly and really like how that turned out as well.

now I just hope that someone else will like them enough to want to have one or all of them.

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