Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frisbee - the new stash buster

I have a craft sale coming up and I have a copious amount of yarn taking over my home.

during the hotter days of Summer before the humidity and the dew point caused all kinds of set backs for me, I made Frisbees. I was never really good at throwing and catching them as a kid and I think it was because I was nervous about getting smacked really hard by a disc of hard plastic.
a while back I made a large disc to be a rug out of some large twine and it never made it to the floor. the kids loved to play with it and early this summer we went outside and threw the thing around. INSPIRATION!

New stash buster.

Difficulty rating... very beginner

you will need stash yarn - two colors for two strands together...
J or K hook
Yarn needle

sc = single crochet
(*blah blah*) x* = repeat the steps in the parenthesis the number of times indicated

row 1: holding two strands together, chain 3, in the first loop sc 6 (or start with magic circle, sc 6. pull tight) continue in the round.
row 2: 2 sc in each = 12 sc
row 3: (2 sc, sc) x6 = 18 sc
row 4: (2 sc, sc next 2) x6 = 24 sc
row 5: (2 sc, sc next 3) x6 = 30 sc
row 6: (2 sc, sc next 4) x6 = 36 sc
row 7: (2 sc, sc next 5) x6 = 42 sc
row 8: (2 sc, sc next 6) x6 = 48 sc

now you get the method here... you can make your frisbee/disc as large as you like...

last 2 rows: single crochet in each stitch and end with a slip stitch.

weave in your ends and throw!

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