Monday, August 8, 2011

oh my, has it been so long?

well, the answer to that would be "yes".

I honestly don't know where the time has gone. I blame the weather. I know you think it's a silly little scape goat for me, but it is true! the heat can make you wither and the humidity can make you reject all contact with any and everything.
but the horrible cruelty of nature has a flip side.
when I get my happy blissful weather I snuggle in and get cracking away. this has been the case this last week.
last Tuesday I woke to such relief that can only come from 64 degrees and a dew point in the 50s

truly, I was in Heaven! Autumn is my favorite time of the whole year. Autumn is just not long enough. it only last a few short weeks here :(
but having it stuck in my head... especially after revisiting the Autumn leaves hat... I made this lovely baby pumpkin hat.

and because I had to run to the store for yarn to finish off the top I had nearly an entire skein left over, so you know what that means
another hat, of course

oh, and I sold that absolutely lovely, delicate, and wonderful necklace I mentioned in my last post.
I was even more chuffed.

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