Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've been working away.

I still have a lot to do before the craft sale next month. I kind of feel like I just don't have much to offer. I'm also working on some more cotton flowers that need to be dyed, I just haven't had the time... not that it takes all that much. What ever, me

so while working on the sale, I have also been working on the shop.
I have had a request for a baby cocoon. I haven't made one for over a year and I'd been nervous that it just wasn't going to work out being that I was rusty. I decided that I would make it bigger than the ones I've made in the past, that way it will be usable for a while longer than the first month or two. so I am still nervous. I really hope it wasn't a mistake to make it the size I did.

but it turned out all natural and beautiful, simple but boutique. maybe that's just me...

So last week I had mentioned the pumpkin hat I made after making the baby pumpkin hat. I finally got around to photographing it.

I really hope that someone will buy it. it's nice to be appreciated ;)

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