Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it is my time ... to stash bust

there is some unwritten cosmic law that says if you or someone you are related to knows how to crochet, you must have an ugly zig zag afghan.

I am in dire need of a good old stash bust. I have so much yarn here that it is just taking over everything. it doesn't really work for any projects I have in the works and not for anything that I am planning. my next big planned project is the White Tree of Gondor blanket I will be making my daughter for Christmas. but I need very specific colors for that, not to mention very LARGE quantities. so I need to make room.

therefore it is my time to bust a stash. and what better than the ugliest of all ugly zig zag afghans.

don't get me wrong... I like zig zag afghans, but because I only have the bohemian collection of colors right now, ugliness is what is going to happen - not really even whimsical bohemian...

so I've started. it is currently 7.5 ft wide ~ or long, depending on how many rows I feel like putting on it.

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