Thursday, January 6, 2011

so I've managed another pattern

and a couple more necklaces from the same design. I sold my flower necklace last week and I really did like it a lot but I hadn't gotten around to writing it all down... I thought that I'd better had, before I forgot how I made it in the first place. and without the original in my possession any longer I felt it would be very challenging to recall just exactly how it was done. so I sat down and wrote it out, taking photographs of the steps to make the initial flower.

so that's done and more necklaces for sale in the shop. it's been a busy week.

now I will be finishing up a pair of my family famous "ugly slippers" for the second daughter
perhaps I'll write up a tutorial for those and list them as a free pattern... they really aren't worth selling as they really aren't pretty ~ thus the name

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