Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my favorite kind of Winter day

I know this has nothing to do with yarn...
I love frost. I love how it feathers out and spreads.

my kitchen windows make the most beautiful designs when they frost over, but I haven't had frosty kitchen windows for a while.

this morning we had fog. Fog in the Winter makes the most beautiful landscape in the world, but you have to catch it in that 'zone'. one more degree of warmth and it's gone.

this is almost chunky frost this morning. I'm surprised it's still here, but we still have some pretty heavy cloud cover so that's protecting these delicate little structures.


on a more yarny note, the ugly afghan is coming along well.

the husband thinks I should leave it 7.5 ft wide and keep on until the length is just as long if not longer than 7.5 ft.
we'll see. I may just run out of steam -- and left over yarn -- before then

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